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Land: D Deutschland
Name: Arun
Straße: Möckernstr. 2
Ort: 28201 Bremen
Mobil: 017684260745
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Tradition: Hatha Yoga
Zielgruppe: Jedermann

Saktiyoga is a concept, whereby I bring the idea of saktheya principles to application of yoga techniques. Saktheya is the part of tantra which believes in the driving force of the cosmos called ‘Sakthi’ (power behind everything). Sakthi worship is very popular in India among Hindus and is depicted in female form. She is believed to be present in every creation in the form of conciousness
Sakthi yoga give emphasis to the development of the conciousness andthereby the awareness of every individual. It means that there will be an uplift in the people’s attitudes as they start experiencing all what they perceive , in a new dimension. The awareness will become so total that one can see their thoughts and actions in a visual frame of mind. It means one will develope total awareness of mind and the body.
I believe every physical ailment and mental stress is the sum of thoughts and emotions formed in the inner consciousness. It is clear that the physical ailments are the reflections of constant psychic projection of emotions. If you can understand your mind, you can control your mind and thereby your thoughts and in this way you will be totally aware of your own emotions.
Yoga helps you to purify the channels of energy (Nadis) through asanas (Yoga Postures) and synchronised breathing. One can experience and enjoy the asanas in a better way once one is aware of the whole physical body during the exercise. You will be totally aware of this experience and through Pranayama(Breathing Exercises) you will create a restore Prana(Vital Energy) which will help you to proceed to the higher levels of yoga.
Sakthi Yoga helps you to develop an attitude of an observer without getting attached to the sensory experiences right from the beginning of the practices. You are welcome to join and realise that you are also part of the universal consciousness through the rational philosophies of Saktheyam.

I also conduct private lesson at your place, if that's more convenient to you.